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Business Operations & Process

Change and constant iteration are the hallmarks of a successful business. We work with you across a variety of processes, team dynamics, and operational functions to optimize how your business runs.

Know your company inside and out

Process optimization is a never ending cycle — entropy will always win. Stay in front of your organizational decay by always improving your systems, processes, and people's skills. We help you build a sustainable culture of innovation and improvement.

Process / Experience Improvement

Everyone needs an outside perspective sometimes. As experts in all things digital, we can help improve your internal processes or your customer experience in this digital-first world.

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Digital Transformation

We'll help you navigate the myriad of digital tools and integrations possible to build the best solution for your business.

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Financial Modeling

Predicting the future is hard, and fast-paced change makes it harder. Gaming various scenarios through financial modeling is important step in your business forecasting. Identify variables and assumptions, and put together a framework for taking a peek into the future of your financial performance.

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Gateway Analysis & Implementation

Payment gateways are just the first link in a chain of parties for credit card processing. Let the consultants at GRAYBOX help ensure you select the right tools that fit well with the links that come before and after in the chain.

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PCI Compliance

Navigating PCI compliance is difficult and complicated. Our ecommerce strategists are fluent in the details of PCI compliance and can help ensure that you are both secured and verified.

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Team / Department Assessments

Your internal team is your strongest asset, and should work like a well-run machine. Sometimes however, that machine is off-kilter. We can help by reviewing your team dynamics and making your team get on the same path again.

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Systems Integration

When your digital systems are successfully integrated it can revolutionize the efficiency and profitability of your business.

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Business Reporting & Intelligence

Your business won't run on autopilot. Leveraging business intelligence reporting can be a great way to provide those insights to empower your team to make effective decisions for your company.

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Order Fulfillment

Companies should view their Order Fulfillment tools, people, and processes as their last chance to delight a customer in the transaction process. By giving intentional thought and planning to the systems and workflows of your Order Fulfillment, you can ensure it is a net gain for your business.

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Virtual CTO

We'll inject your executive team with digital-first thinking and technical expertise.

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